Writing this crappy sentence is awesome! To clue you in, I spent the last month in full-fledged perfectionist mode, writing, deleting, rewriting and obsessing over how best to share my passion and commitment to authenticity.

Irony, like authenticity, rocks except when all that realness is about you! Your authenticity is courageous and sexy; it’s intimate and transforms the world. Mine gives me the runs.

Since this naturally led back to poop, I’ll tell you my new mantra – Share The Shit.  Just as the transformative book “Everybody Poops” reminds us, we all have our shit.  It’s a part of life so why not let go and have fun with it?

Wherever you are blocked, find something to laugh at and appreciate.  Give up pretending to be perfect and get connected and related to others as your true self.  It makes the experience happier, healthier and a hell of a lot easier.


A Recovering Perfectionist

Kris Gleason wrote on 01 April


  1. ryanjferrier

    Awesome post Kris! Excited to read more.

    • Lenna

      If time is money you’ve made me a weatlhier woman.

  2. allwrightythen

    Thanks for spreading your wings and bringing us back to the basics Kris! Looking forward to more inspirational posts.

  3. Luz

    You are amazing. Thanks for keepin it real.


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