Listening to Prince on my walk home, it hit me – I’ve been falling deeply in love with music again, with myself, the bay area, travel, reading, skiing, yoga – I’m having the hottest sex, orgasmic conversations, and even my food tastes better. I’m lit up, and I know exactly why – every time I break free from a limiting belief/behavior, I access greater joy, power, peace and love.

Brené Brown points out that, “We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.”

By doing some emotional spring cleaning, poking around in each messy area, and deciding if there is anything of value to keep, what to get rid of, and how you want to make full use all the free space, you transform from living a nightmare to a dream, and from being in hell to pure heaven.

Miguel Ruiz writes about transforming limiting beliefs/agreements in The Four Agreements:

…Break the limiting agreements, gaining more personal power, and become stronger.  The stronger you get, the more agreements you can break until the moment comes when you make it to the core of all of those agreements.  Going to the core of those agreements is what I call going into the desert.  When you go into the desert you meet your demons face-to-face.  After coming out of the desert, all those demons become angels.

In Steering By Starlight, Martha N. Beck calls this, “The Ring of Fire:”

The Ring of Fire is the emotional process we must go through to reach the Core of Peace.  There are only two ways to accomplish this.  We can disbelieve any false ideas that are causing unnecessary pain.  Any unavoidable pain — loss of health or a loved one for example — we must grieve.

We try our best to tidy up our lives; we compartmentalize and shove our messes in closets and under the bed, except that we are whole human beings – we are everything at the same time, connected to everything else and separation is merely an illusion.  So your harsh body image – it’s impacting your job, your unfulfilling job – it’s impacting your relationships, and so on and so on.

Here’s the great news, each action you take to de-cluttering your mind and life, makes a difference! So whether you could be featured on an episode of “Emotional Hoarders,” have only one junk drawer, or just the perpetual dust and cobwebs that accumulate – engaging in the process is completely within your control, it does not require perfection, and it will absolutely transform your life!

Kris Gleason wrote on 24 April

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  1. harrysmist

    Great thoughts and what a powerful lead in.


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