Cultivating the feeling state of gratitude and actively giving thanks are soul-affirming practices that attract abundance and invite more opportunities to be grateful. So awesome, you’re sending out all of these beautiful invitations to the universe… now what??? Well imagine that you’ve put your love and energy into preparing a delicious meal and inviting your peeps over for Thanksgiving dinner, and yet when your guests showed up you shooed them away, blocked their entry, or refused to welcome them in? Or think back to a time when you genuinely complimented someone who in turn, deflected or poo-pooed all over it with umpteen reasons why it wasn’t true – frustrating and awkward right?!? Many of us are habitual deflectors, and it has the energetic impact of sucker-punching some sweet, old lady for baking you your favorite cookies. Giving and receiving are energies that compliment and complete each other. When these energies are balanced, they create a fulfilling feedback loop, like a rich, engaging conversation in which folks share their ideas as well as deeply listen to the ideas offered – each building upon and contributing to the overall experience and creativity. Now imagine everyone giving thanks all at once, and no one’s willing to listen, receive, and let in all this yummy gratitude? M’kay so this year, as you dial up your gratitude and express appreciation for all you are given, I invite you to turn on your receiver – open up, listen, relax, and let in the love – and fully enjoy the harmonious bountiful integration of these complementary forces. Yummy, yum, yum!

Kris Gleason wrote on 27 November

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