Every event that takes place in our world, those that hurt and outrage us, can help us clarify our commitment to focus our energy into that which we want. Healing fully and creating the change we want to see in the world, requires going deeper than just condemning and moving away from the people, institutions, and external forces that we see as the source of the problem – it requires going on an internal quest to acknowledge and transform the similar qualities carried within. As Rumi insightfully wrote, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

My task as a person who is afforded privilege at the expense of others, is to consciously seek out and acknowledge my complicity and complacency – to grow my awareness and remove my blinders and the barriers that separate me from experiencing the pain I am at the source of. Also to make amends for the ways I have consciously or unconsciously used my thoughts, words, or actions as weapons to inflict pain and to commit to new ways of being that affirm and align with the light and loving life force in all of us.

This process does not need to be an exercise in shaming and blaming – since that only stimulates the desire to deny, defend, avoid or attack. This is process of coming home and coming clean. It is a process of shedding the layers of conditioning, the inherited beliefs and the ways of being that are covering your true nature. It is a restorative process and the willingness to forgo comfort for clarity is the key.

“Often the answer to an important question comes with more trouble first – because the trouble clarifies the question it puts it in fuller fashion and it heightens your determination to focus yourself into alignment with the solution.” Abraham-Hicks

Kris Gleason wrote on 06 December

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  1. Jennifer

    You are a great writer: quite skilled at conveying raw feelings and thoughts that many of us bury or disregard. Glad I stumbled upon this!


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