When you’re ticked off, it’s insanely easy to fly off the handle and start making demands of others.

How often do we get caught putting all of that potent energy and potential into resisting the perceived injustice?!? I’ll tell you how often I’ve reacted from the irritation versus responding from inspiration – um, UH LOT. Why? Because connecting with inspiration in moments of separation and conflict, requires courage, patience, loving self-management and curiosity to inquire and seek to understand what is really being evoked within at the deeper level. And often, I want mine now dammit! I don’t wanna process, I want an outcome.

Even though I know that when you investigate the outrage to find and connect with what your soul/heart longs for and would love to see in the world – then you can use the tremendous force of your passion, the force of your creative vision/imagination to inspire you. Then by integrating those changes into your being and into your actions you are generating and evolving the manifestation of what you truly want.

In my experience, taking the time to do the personal work necessary to open my lovelockeddown heart, always feels like a dumb, slow, less powerful option to demanding change. However, every freakin time, like absolutely every time without exception, that I choose connection, that I choose to come from love first, I encounter less struggle, more grace, lightness, more intimacy and vulnerability with and from others and I feel a deeper sense of integrity – truly honoring and respecting myself and others through the process of transformation.

So my friends, I invite you to play with slowing your roll, and putting on tunes that lift your spirit, and then consciously choosing the destination you really really want to move toward.

With you in this crazy ride,

Kris Gleason wrote on 03 May

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