03 May

When you’re ticked off, it’s insanely easy to fly off the handle and start making demands of others. How often do we get caught putting all of that potent energy and potential into resisting the perceived injustice?!? I’ll tell you how often I’ve reacted from the irritation versus responding from inspiration – um, UH LOT. […]

06 December

Every event that takes place in our world, those that hurt and outrage us, can help us clarify our commitment to focus our energy into that which we want. Healing fully and creating the change we want to see in the world, requires going deeper than just condemning and moving away from the people, institutions, […]

27 November

Cultivating the feeling state of gratitude and actively giving thanks are soul-affirming practices that attract abundance and invite more opportunities to be grateful. So awesome, you’re sending out all of these beautiful invitations to the universe… now what??? Well imagine that you’ve put your love and energy into preparing a delicious meal and inviting your […]

30 September

A water bearer carried water home from a stream in two large pots hanging from each end of a pole. One pot was in perfect condition and delivered a full portion of water, and the other had a crack and arrived to the house only half full. For two years, the bearer brought home only one and a […]

08 August

How do you treat/view yourself when you are challenged with something new? You know, when you’re scared to take the next step, when you aren’t sure how it’s going to turn out or if you’re even up for the task. Take a moment and watch this:  If you’d just pull back enough to get some […]

06 August

“If, indeed, the world ever does beat a path to your door, it will do so only after it first discovers who you are and where you can be reached. You must supply the world with this information.”  –  Og Mandino To connect with your people, you must first know yourself. Consider the following questions: […]

25 July

For that part of you that fears it’s too late – too hard… For that part of you that feels lost and wants to be found and saved… For that part of you that’s hoping for a new life…. Listen to the voice inside of you saying, “You don’t stop, no you belong to me!”

24 April

Listening to Prince on my walk home, it hit me – I’ve been falling deeply in love with music again, with myself, the bay area, travel, reading, skiing, yoga – I’m having the hottest sex, orgasmic conversations, and even my food tastes better. I’m lit up, and I know exactly why – every time I […]

14 March

Transformation and change are not just the result of hard work and struggle – PHEW! Transformation happens in a heartwarming moment, in the pleasure and movement of the body, in quiet beauty, in unexpected humor, in truth spoken, in a moment of insight and imagination, and in many unique and unpredictable ways. We are never […]

08 February

There are times when you are on top of your game, hammering out that to do list and making shit happen; and then there are times of overwhelm or underwhelm when you feel completely stuck. Even when you take a tiny turtle step in the direction of your purpose, the universe supports your efforts by […]

07 February

“There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud” ― Carl Sandburg You said it Carl! Can you relate? Do you tend to love when you’re in eagle mode and go into a shame/blame spiral when you’re rolling around in […]

06 February

Changing your geography, meaning moving your body or moving to a new location, can shift your mood, energy and perspective. Even subtle changes, like shifting your posture, can make all the difference. Imagine breaking from routine with some these moves:

05 February

If you are unsure of where your passions lie, start by noticing when you come alive and when you feel drained.  As you begin discovering and going after what you want, you also get a close look at what’s been getting in the way.  Practicing compassion is vital to offset frustration and impatience with the […]

13 December

Feeling torn between your heart and mind? What do you love most about your big heart? What does it offer you? When your mind is at it’s best, what is it capable of? Now imagine dropping the chains and surrendering the struggle. Standing with arms open, fully receive the power and benefits they have to […]

10 December

What do you want? Often the responses I hear start off generalized – More money, more time, a new job, a relationship… So how bout five more dollars a year, a layoff and a part-time gig without bennies, or a co-dependent relationship? In coaching, you dive deeper and clarify what you truly want to receive. […]

25 August

Do you have a goal you wish to achieve? Direct your attention to your end goal.  Imagine it fully – bring it to life – experience it and enjoy as if you have already attained it. Let your vision light you up and generate your action steps. When you spend a lot of time judging […]

18 June

  When in emotional pain or discontentment, my default reactions were to either numb out/escape (with food, TV, sleep, travel etc.) or to obsess and try to think, think, think my way out of a dilemma. These reactions were so habitual I’ve napped days away and inhaled countless bags of trail mix without pausing.  Both […]

23 May

An Ella Wheeler Wilcox poem: One ship sails East, And another West, By the self-same winds that blow, Tis the set of the sails And not the gales, That tells the way we go. Like the winds of the sea Are the waves of time, As we journey along through life, Tis the set of […]

04 May

When I first read this quote by Marianne Williamson: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you […]

01 April

Writing this crappy sentence is awesome! To clue you in, I spent the last month in full-fledged perfectionist mode, writing, deleting, rewriting and obsessing over how best to share my passion and commitment to authenticity. Irony, like authenticity, rocks except when all that realness is about you! Your authenticity is courageous and sexy; it’s intimate and […]