Life Coaching To Live Into The Fullness Of Who You Truly Are.

A process of unconditionally loving-up all the messy, totally human parts of you, as you uncover and expand the unique super powers within you. 

I work with people who are sick of compromising vital parts of themselves in order to get by. I help them release struggle, judgement and doubt to create a life of flow, self-love, and full expression.

Being true to yourself is an extraordinary, revolutionary act; I believe it is the means to living your best life and contributing your greatest gifts to the world. So whether you want to transform your health, blaze a new career path, re-create your relationships, or transition your gender, let’s explore, dream, and discover your unique vision for your one wild and precious life.

I especially adore working with:

  • Artists
  • Activists
  • People who are interested in spiritual practices
  • People who want to transform their health
  • Entrepreneurs, and people seeking a career change
  • LGBTQI folks and straight allies
  • Trans* and gender non-conforming identified people
  • People in, or interested in, recovery for addictions


Schedule your complimentary breakthrough coaching session (by clicking on the CONTACT button above) and experience a fun, safe, bold space to grow your courage, take risks, and embrace the full spectrum of who you are.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER.” ~ Mark Twain




Coaching & Leadership CV

Professional Training

8/2016 – 5/2017   Graduate of the 10-month Great Story Mastery Program.  This program focuses on Emotional Fluency and Fitness; Ego Development, Wounding and Healing; and Evoking The Sacred

9/2015 – 4/2016   Graduate of the 8-month Great Story Coaching Program. This program teaches a stepbystep process to explore your life story, reveal the deeper meaning within your life circumstances, triumph over struggle and striving, and embrace the gifts that are yours to claim.

3/2013 – 12/2013  Graduate of the 10-month Co-Active® Leadership Program: This Leadership Development Program empowers you to recognize your capacity to lead in all areas of your life. Designed to identify and break through self-perceived limits, and to uncover, deepen, and build on your natural strengths as leader.

7/2012 – 12/2012  Certified Professional Co-Active®  Coach, Graduate of the 6-month Certification Program: This in-depth six-month program is recognized as the most rigorous coach training program in the industry. Learn more:

11/2011 – 6/2012  Graduate of the 7-month Co-Active® Core Courses Program: CTI® has earned the most trusted accreditations and respected affiliations around the world. CTI’s global programs set the industry standard for quality, global recognition, college equivalence and scientific efficacy. Learn more:

6/2012 – 9/2012  Graduate of the 4-month Self-Expression and Leadership Program.  This program trains you in how to expand capacity for leadership, to refine and broaden your impact, and to express yourself fully in order to make a difference in both your life and with others.

10/2014   1-Month Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin and Amy Ahlers, Find Your Calling Program:

Sampling Of Work Experience Beyond Individual & Couples Coaching

2016 Tulum, Mexico:  Co-leader of “Empowered Boundaries” & “Lifting Resonance With Mindfulness and Empowered Story”

2016 Leadership Team Coach for the 8-month Great Story Coaching Program

2016 Co-leader for Oakland Museum: Trans* & LGBTQI Employer Ally Training

2016 Co-leader for Spirit Rock Meditation Center: Trans* Ally Staff Training

2016 Co-leader for East Bay Meditation Center: Trans* Ally Staff Training

2015 Co-leader of a 7-week live online course: “The Art Of Flow: Live Powerfully, Create Ease & Cultivate Joy”

2015 Canada: Co-leader of two daylong retreats of: “The Art of Connection: Recreating Your Relationships Through Authentic Communication”

2015 Speaker for Lesbians Who Tech: “Fish Bowl Career & Life Coaching”

2015 Co-leader for J.F.K University, Counseling Program: LGBTQI Trans* Ally Training

2015 Career Coach for SF LGBT Center Career Fair

2014 Co-leader of “The Art of Connection: Recreating Your World Through Authentic Communication & Wild Curiosity”

2014 Seattle, Co-Leader for Gender Odyssey International Conference, “Creating Your Best Life”

2013 for SF LGBT Center: Co-leader of “Resonant Perspectives – An Expansive Look At Gender”


Rukiya L, Lee E Business Systems Consultant at Wells Fargo; Oakland

I can truly, from my deepest of heart, say that Kris is a pointed healer who has helped me immensely on my path to health, self-acceptance and most importantly self-truth. He’s served as a guide, a mentor, a sympathetic ear and a partner in revelation of all that is, and all that is possible within. Kris adeptly aides in navigating the difficult pieces, with a keen eye on the ultimate destination and getting the client there. The work is profound and life changing and is an immensely powerful tool to have in the kit.

Nicole Huguenin Chief Dream Strategist at Wild Dream Walks; Denver

Kris is a coach of the highest caliber. His approach is personable, professional and most of all empowering. Through his coaching I learned how to manage triggers, come into my own, and trust my intuition. I created a life of balance and self-expression, leaving a stressful job, moving out of the city, delving into a new career promoting health and creativity, and creating a relationship like I’ve never had before. I highly recommend him if you are in the business of being your best self in all areas of your life.

Morgan L. Millennial Musician, Person of Trans* Experience & All Around Awesome Human
In the short period that I worked with Kris, I noticed that he helped me change the way I was thinking about myself and the world around me. It was exactly what I needed to move into a healthier phase of life. Kris does such a great job of asking thought provoking questions that really get to the deeper meaning behind the things that you do and say. He provided a safe space for me to look at my challenges from a new perspective. Kris helped me pull out all of the qualities that I had been searching for that were already inside of me so that I could use them to facilitate the change I wanted to see in my life. After our conversations, I always felt refreshed with a new sense of confidence knowing that I had all the tools that I needed to conquer what was ahead. 

Lily Williams School Counselor/Artist, Oakland

A few words that describe Kris: honest, intentional, passionate, brilliant, loving, generous. I’ve received coaching from Kris, off and on for 5 years, through a life-threatening diagnosis and complete lifestyle overhaul, through the birth, joys and challenges of our EXTREMELY *spirited* daughter, through the death of a beloved mother and grandfather, through the transition of moving to Boston to complete my Masters at Harvard, and then moving back to Oakland. Kris also helped my partner and I with couples coaching and we felt a shift after our first session. Kris has a way of being with people that is a power in and of itself. He brings his exceptional skills, tools and approaches (plus qualifications up the wazoo). He holds space in an incredibly dedicated, gentle, loving, and yet bold way that I feel safe to share the things that are scary, and am empowered to be my honest and best self. He’s also hilarious and light at all the right moments.  His energy of love, passion and light hold the difficult conversations in such a way, that it is impossible to remain stuck. He creates a foundation for continual movement toward change, growth, light and love.

Cheyenne Purrington Property Supervisor at Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, San Francisco Bay Area.
Kris has an incredible, natural gift for coaching. While I’ve worked with coaches in various professional settings, Kris brought a rare finesse to the work of creating cohesion and happiness in my life. He’s inquisitive, insightful, and compassionate, a combination that creates a deeply meaningful process and leads to real life change. You deserve to work with Kris.

Dr. Tone Rawlings Environmental Science Teacher and Artist, Boston
Hands down I recommend Kris. He is a skillful listener and asks important questions that helped broaden my thinking about obstacles that were blocking me.  I worked with him in a couples capacity as well as individually with grief around my mother’s illness and with brainstorming one of my art projects. I use the tools I’ve learned everyday, especially at work with 5th and 6th graders and colleagues. My sessions with him always revealed something hidden as well as practical ways to be present in my process. The best part is that he is tremendously thoughtful, he has an awesome disposition and his kindness and genuine love of helping people walk their own path is present in every moment you spend with him.

Shannon Westberg Coach, Berkeley
Kris is like magic.You experience fully living; you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, or the energy in your stomach, and he brings it to each session, while simultaneously encouraging your own version of “magic” to grow and shine.  He focuses on your dreams and highest self, and listens in a way that honors, challenges, and nurtures your growth.  I worked with Kris for a year, and with his coaching I grew in ways that are out of this world!  It’s a relationship unlike any that I’ve known, and it had me feel unstoppable because I wasn’t alone. I could succeed or mess up horribly, and Kris always held my vision and what was next, and helped me re-focus when I got stuck.  Bottom line, Kris was a ridiculously, phenomenal blessing supporting me in expanding my dreams into the stratosphere.  If you’re debating hiring a coach, DO IT, and now go call Kris.  Kris will support every detail of your learning. When choosing the people to walk with on the journey forward, Kris always makes my list.  Dream on.  Hire a coach.  Hire Kris.

Valerie Taormina Sexologist, Oakland
Kris has an amazing ability to ask questions that help you tap into your intuition and heart’s desires to create the life you truly want and not the one society and the chatter in your mind asks from you. The coaching I received from Kris not only helped me fully step into my purpose but from this place I’ve also found an amazing partnership unlike anything I’ve experienced in the past. I would (and have) recommended Kris to anyone ready to leap beyond their comfort zone and find bliss.

Kathlyne Park Attorney/Fashionista, San Francisco
I highly recommend Kris Gleason to anyone looking to make a career or life change.  He’s an amazing coach – patient, directive, intuitive and most of all encouraging.  He’s been my biggest cheerleader in my journey towards a new career and a new life.  He’s helped me draw a road map and piecemeal easy-steps towards my goals.  All along, he’s highlighted how the journey can be fun and enjoyable!  Something that I often forget in the flurry of getting to Point B from Point A.  Sometimes, that path is circuitous but if you have a coach like Kris in your corner you’ll be in for an amazing and fulfilling journey.

Marisa Phillips Administrator, Berkeley
A series of events have led me to a time in my life where I’ve needed to reflect and regroup. Kris’ insights and thoughtful feedback have been so incredibly helpful for me on my journey. I would absolutely recommend him in whatever arena that you may need a kind, compassionate and wise person to guide you.

Alex Ricci Mobile Pilates Instructor, Oakland
I will be honest, initially I was trepidatious about the idea of discussing my big career & geographic change with a stranger. Turns out, I got lucky and landed Kris as my personal coach. Kris is extremely down to earth, knowledgeable, clearly loves being a coach, and comes from such a positive place; this is crucial, in my opinion. Kris’s love for the work, along with his experience/education in the field of coaching are a perfect combination. He has a knack for making others feel at ease. The sessions are SO helpful each week and definitely keep me focused and on track. Also, everything can be done over the phone, which is super convenient! Sea Change Coaching has been an excellent avenue for me because I needed that neutral, yet focused perspective in my life (and I got it). If you are interested in finally laying your ideas out on the table with an honest, experienced and knowledgeable person, Kris Gleason at Sea Change Coaching is the BEST CHOICE hands down.


The Art of Flow - Live Powerfully, Create Ease & Cultivate Joy

What Would Your Life Be Like if You Lived in a Greater State of Flow?

We’re here to help you get there…

Join us as we lead an intimate group of twelve participants on a soul enriching six week journey together, moving you out of stress and struggle and into greater aliveness and possibility. Be guided and supported as you identify and release the old thoughts and behaviors blocking your natural energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Begin the new year reconnected with your radiance!

If this is you – we’re a perfect fit:

Do you feel scattered, overwhelmed, and anxious trying to juggle all the moving parts of your life?

You will learn ways to slow down, clear the distraction and focus on what is truly important to you so that you can move with confidence and fluidity.

Are you bored or tolerating things that just don’t feel juicy and alive?

You will identify the choices that are sapping your energy and connect with your deepest desires. This clarity will organically motivate, engage and light you up!

Do you sometimes get stuck in limiting beliefs or a scarcity mindset?

You will uncover strategies to grow your gratitude and resource the natural abundance in your life.

Are there areas in your life where you are holding back or operating from fear and uncertainty?

In this program you will learn techniques to shift your energy, cultivate courage, and powerfully create your world.

Do you sometimes get seduced by the drive to control the process, engineer outcomes, or gain approval?

We’ll help you get out of ego and into connection with your natural strengths and gifts so that you can lean into the creative flow of life unfolding.

What You’ll Get:

  • Six, 90 minute live training calls: We’ll meet weekly on video conference calls for dynamic, in-depth training, guided interactive discussion, debriefs, and group coaching.
  • Weekly, experiential homework exercises between calls to take your learning into your life.
  • A partner in flow: You will be paired with a fellow participant to share learning and to support one another through the process.
  • A private Facebook Forum: Access to interactive safe space to post questions to your course leaders and classmates, share insights and deepen your learning.
  • An opportunity to play with flow in a whole new way – and watch it transform your world!


Click here for a full course outline



The Art of Connection

It’s Time to Give Your Relationships the Gift of You

In this experiential workshop, you’ll learn powerful practices to move beyond fear, transform conflict into connection, and access greater aliveness, joy and wellbeing. We invite you to come and develop your relationship superpowers.

  • Do you over-give, over-power, or pull away in order to gain a sense of control in relationships? You will identify habitual reactions and learn empowering practices that create stability and healthy connection.
  • Do you react and lose connection when you’re triggered? You’ll get clear on how to slow down, stay open, recover your sense of calm and create an environment of alignment and mutual respect.
  • Do you feel safer reading between the lines rather than opening a dialogue? You will learn how to clear assumptions and create understanding so that you can clearly see and be seen.

Are you DONE with energy draining, soul-diminishing habits such as:

  • shutting down / giving in / avoiding conflict
  • passive-aggression / aggression
  • trying to predict and control outcomes
  • harboring resentments
  • assuming, judging, and holding expectations of others

Learn practices that will help you honor your authentic self and love who you’re being in all of your relationships. This workshop will build your capacity to:

  • be present, creative and responsive in conflict
  • bring flexibility, playfulness, and curiosity to your connections
  • lead from compassion and understanding
  • stay connected to the inherent goodness in self and in others
  • speak from your heart with authenticity, openness and clarity

WHO WE ARE: Kris Gleason, CPCC is a Certified Transition Coach and Speaker. He works with people who are unwilling to compromise vital parts of themselves in order to fit in or get by.  He empowers them to break free from the status quo to lead revolutionarily authentic, extraordinary lives. Kris specializes in gender transition, life purpose discovery/career transformations, and transitioning into recovery.


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Liz Wiltzen, CPCC is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach who works with people who want to move past doubt, limitation and self-imposed walls and get busy creating their most fabulous life. She is committed to her clients’ quest to create inspiring change and powerful results in their lives.

Drawing from her 20 years as a successful fine artist, Liz blends creative wisdom and coaching to present a unique, transformative workshop experience. She creates an intriguing space where personal insight merges with imagination – illuminating blind spots and opening doors of possibility.


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You will access your inner strength, power and creativity and discover how changing perspectives transforms your experience. We want people to feel blessed to be exactly who they are in their entirety – mind, body, spirit, soul.



Fresh! White, CPCC is a Certified Coach, writer, facilitator and speaker. In addition to Co-Actively Coaching Youth of the Brown Boi Project, Fresh! has 10 years of experience speaking with children, youth and adults about gender identities and sexualities for both the SF and Marin’s Spectrum’s Speaker’s Bureaus.


Kris Gleason, CPCC is a Certified Transition Coach and Speaker. He works with people who are unwilling to compromise vital parts of themselves in order to fit in or get by.  He empowers them to break free from the status quo to lead revolutionarily authentic, extraordinary lives. Kris specializes in gender transition, life purpose discovery/career transformations, and transitioning into recovery.

Brochure 8_600x450

Join us for a daring, fabulously playful workshop designed to create greater intimacy in your life. You’ll gain tools to:

  • clear your crap stay
  • grounded and creative in conflict
  • connect with empowering perspectives

Dive in, harness your courage and get messy for the sake of creating compelling, enriching relationships. Your life will thank you for it!