Transformation and change are not just the result of hard work and struggle – PHEW! Transformation happens in a heartwarming moment, in the pleasure and movement of the body, in quiet beauty, in unexpected humor, in truth spoken, in a moment of insight and imagination, and in many unique and unpredictable ways.

We are never really stuck.  Stagnation is an illusion of the mind.  We may be romanticizing some pain (as Joni Mitchell so perfectly put it) by believing the stories we tell and retell ourselves or the stories told to us. However, we are all free spirits! We are light energy – alive, dynamic, flowing, dancing, and responding with space.  We are connected and in play with everything in the Universe.  Lightening up and playing is productive and it is remembering who you are at your very essence.  So play on friend, play on!


Kris Gleason wrote on 14 March

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  1. Liz Wiltzen (@LiveAttuned)

    Summing it up perfectly K-man!


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