How do you treat/view yourself when you are challenged with something new? You know, when you’re scared to take the next step, when you aren’t sure how it’s going to turn out or if you’re even up for the task.

Take a moment and watch this: 

If you’d just pull back enough to get some perspective, you’d see how insanely loveable and cute you are  –  all that earnestness!  When you hesitate, stumble, get all tangled up and turned around – when you fall asleep at the thought of all you have to accomplish – you are precious!  When you invent your own weird ways of doing things, when you’re wearing a cone of shame around your head, when you cry and want someone to come and save you, when you take hard knocks and get right back up, and when you go completely off the deep end…

Listen to the voices championing these pups – the loving – “Come, on…there ya go!” Or the heartfelt – “Ohhh Nooo!”  Feel the love? Even the laughter is dripping with it.

Whether you are having a corgi moment – where it seems you were not built for scaling such heights, or you are a boundless pug springing forward like it’s no big deal – you are equally worthy of your love and kindness!  When you ache, tremble, and wince with fear, give the drill sergeant a rest and always practice being all warm with yourself.  

Kris Gleason wrote on 08 August

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